Olga Becomes Diversity Ambassador at Emporia State University

Olga, a YEAR student and Alumna, became the Diversity Ambassador at Emporia State University. From the first days of being on campus, Olga already knew that she wanted to contribute and be involved in diversity inclusion projects – “That is something I would absolutely love to do“. During the university’s activities fair, the Diversity Student Programs Director advised her to join Diversity Ambassadors, a program which gives students from various backgrounds an opportunity to engage in the learning process around diversity, equity, and inclusion. After undergoing a several-step selection process, Olga was chosen as one of the Diversity Ambassadors! 

“During my semester at Emporia I was involved in many activities related to the Diversity Student Programs office – handling Ambassadors’ social media accounts, attending weekly meetings, and creating educational materials for Student Organizations to learn more about diversity on campus. Being an international student helped me to broaden the spectrum of the covered topics and involve more international students in diversity-based activities! Moreover, I became a guest of a University podcast and got a chance to talk about my experience as a YEAR finalist and student!”

Olga believes that being a Diversity Ambassador on campus allowed her “to meet many great people and bring real change on campus! It was such an incredible experience!”. Congratulations Olga on this fantastic achievement. By sharing this incredible story, we can see that by pursuing your goals, you can achieve your dreams.