Learning and Overcoming Challenges is Kseniia’s Path to Self-Growth

Tech-savvy and Instagram blogger Kseniia will study web design at Fox Valley Technical College for the next semester. But this is just one part of Kseniia’s interests. She is an avid traveler, who has already visited Chicago and wants to work on her self-development. 

“I have four goals for this semester – to travel, to work with a counselor on my self-growth, to gain 10K followers on my Instagram and to learn as much as possible about the American educational system”, says Kseniia about her plans.

In Russia, Kseniia studies at the College of Technology, Modeling and Management in Saint Petersburg and manages her online school. She wants to be recharged with new ideas and creativity while studying in the U.S. 

“My visit to Chicago was inspirational. I was in Chicago seven years ago and it was an important trip for me. This visit helped me understand how far I have come and how much my life has changed”, she says.

However, a new life brings its challenges. Kseniia is vegan and gluten free and she has difficulty finding food that will fit her requirements. “Everything is being sold in big packages and one cannot buy just one lemonade. You need to buy in a package. But no matter what, I’m enjoying my experience here so far!”