Nadezhda Follows Her Dream of Becoming a Teacher

It’s less than a month since Nadezhda moved to University of West Alabama, and she already managed to make new friends, begin school, and plan her research paper.

A student at Vologda State University in Russia, she will spend the next two semesters in the US studying Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages. Her aspiration is to become a teacher and she intends to explore American educational system and bring back to her hometown new teaching methods, ideas, and knowledge.

Nadezhda at her school

“I am taking an “Introduction to Teaching and Learning” class to learn more about American schools, universities and methods of teaching. The University of West Alabama is very different from my Russian school. It is super exciting to study here and learn about the American Educational System first hand”, she says.

One of Nadezhda’s goals is to work closely with her professor on her research paper. The other goal is to explore the United States. Cooking is her hobby, and she was pleased to learn that every state has their own cuisine.

“I learned, that for example, Jambalaya is a popular dish in Louisiana, meanwhile I have never heard this name in my life. Every state here is like a small country with its culture and it’s amazing!”, she says.