The YEAR program partners with American universities and community college across the United States to provide an enriching academic and cultural experience to YEAR students. Host institutions play a key role in the success of the program.

The program covers participants’ international round trip, tuition and mandatory fees, room and board, health insurance, as well as provides a small stipend and a book allowance for students.

YEAR student will enroll as full time non-degree students at host institutions and take course courses in their field of study as well as American and elective courses.

Students are studying in the United States on a J-1 visa, and the YEAR program issues the DS-2019 Form.

YEAR Program Expectations from Host Institutions:  

  • two and four-year institutions that provide high-quality academic programs.  
  • experience working with international students.
  • ability to provide a significant cost-share contribution. Cost-share can be offered in the form of full or partial tuition, partial meal plan cost waivers, scholarship, or other contribution.
  • providing academic, cultural, and logistical support to YEAR students.
  • place students in on-campus housing or with host families if on-campus housing is not available.
  • enrolling students in meal plans on campus.
  • ability to connect students with local communities and support identify volunteering opportunities.
  • availability to connect YEAR students with host families on holidays, weekends, and/or school’s breaks to help students learn about American culture and values.

YEAR Program Expectations from Students:  

  • Enroll as a full-time non-degree students at an American university of community college.
  • Volunteer for a minimum of 25 hours per year in their local community as part of the community service activity.
  • Maintain a good academic record.
  • Share their culture with American people and students on campus.
  • Connect with American host families to deepen understanding about American culture and values.  

For any questions or additional information, please contact us at [email protected]