When is the application deadline for students?

The application for 2024 YEAR student application is closed.

What language should the application be submitted?

The application should be written and submitted in English.

I applied last year for the program. Should I create a new account on the portal to submit a new application for the 2024-2025 academic year?

Yes, students reapplying for the program should create new accounts in order to submit the application for the 2024 academic year.

What is a resume and what should I include in the resume?

Resume is an autobiography (автобиография), and should be written by applicants.

The resume is a short document, usually 1-2 pages, that usually includes relevant information about academic and professional experience of the candidate. You may include your academic background, work and volunteering experience (if any), language skills, awards and scholarships, publications, participation in academic/scientific conferences etc.

There are multiple templates online, and candidates are encouraged to use the one that is most appropriate to their needs. You may consult the Wikipedia as a reference for a resume sample, but please keep in mind that this is not the required format by the program and feel free to be creative and adjust the resume to your needs.

What language should I write the resume?

The resume should be written in English.

Am I eligible to apply if I am currently a high school student in the 11th grade?

No, the program is open to students currently enrolled in the first two years of a 4-year university program or first three years of a 5-year university program in Russia.

How can I apply for the YEAR program?  

Candidates should complete an online application and upload all required documents

What documents should I submit to apply for the program?

Participants should upload the following documents: copies of their high school and university transcripts, a letter of recommendation, and a copy of the international passport information page. Participants will also need to write a motivational essay (500 words limit) and volunteering essay (250 words limit) directly in the application form. Note: You won’t be able to attach the essay.

What is a non-degree program?  

While YEAR students are enrolled as full-time students, they will not receive a degree after the completion of the program. Students participate in coursework and can obtain a transcript of courses and grades from their American host institution. Depending on their home institution in Russia, YEAR participants might be able to transfer their credits acquired in the United States. Participants should discuss the possibility of credits’ transfer with their home university.

Will I get a bachelor’s degree if I participate in the YEAR Program?

No, this is a non-degree program.

Where will I live?  

Participants will live on campus for the entire year and connect with American host families to get an enriching cultural experience and learn about American society.

Am I allowed to drive in the United States?  

No, YEAR participants are not allowed to drive cars in the United States. You may travel in the United States by car with your friends and host family.

Can I travel outside the United States? 

While studying in the U.S., participants can travel domestically only in the United States. International travel is not allowed except family emergency situations to travel back to Russia.

What expenses will be covered by the YEAR Program? 

The program covers the tuition and mandatory university fees, round trip airfare from participants’ hometowns in Russia to host institutions in the United States, lodging and meals, medical insurance, a monthly stipend, and a book allowance.

What can I study in the United States?  

Participants will enroll as full-time students and take a course in American studies, at least six credits in their major field of study, and electives.

Can my family visit me in the United States?  

Family members can visit you in the United States, but they should be prepared to make all logistical and visa arrangements without the YEAR program’s involvement.

I am currently a third-year undergraduate student in a four-year Bachelor’s degree program in Russia. Can I apply for the YEAR program?

No, participants should have at least one year to complete at their home university in Russia after completion of the YEAR program.

What is the transcript in Russian?

The transcript is a document issued by your university that includes the record of your grades for exams. The document is called in Russian – справка об успеваемости. If your university is not providing the document called “справка об успеваемости,” you can upload the so-called “зачетная книжка.” First year students will submit their high school transcript (аттестат).

What transcripts should I submit with the application if I am a first-year undergraduate student?

First year undergraduate students can submit the high school certificate with grades (школьный аттестат с оценками) with at the time of completing the application. If the candidate becomes a semifinalists, they will submit the the university transcript with winter session exams records at the later stage.

My university is providing a transcript in English? Should I upload a transcript in Russian?

No, if your home university is providing an official transcript in English, you can upload the English transcript in both sections – transcript in Russian and copy of translated transcript in English.

The English transcript can include the stamp in Russian (печать на русском). No need to translate the stamp.

Can I upload a copy of my international passport if it expires prior to the application deadline?

Yes, candidates can upload the international passport even if it expires prior to the application deadline. Should the candidate become a finalist, they will be required to obtain a new internationally recognized passport prior to the beginning of the program in the United States.

Can I upload a copy of my internal passport if I currently do not have an international passport?

Yes, candidates can upload a copy of the internal passport if they do not have an internationally recognized passport at the time of application. Should the candidate become a finalist, they will be required to obtain and submit a copy of the new internationally recognized passport.

What page of the international passport should I upload?

Candidates should upload only the information page of the international passport. Applicants should not upload the entire passport with the application.

Is the recommendation letter required to apply for the program?

No, the recommendation letter is not required. Applicants may decide to submit a recommendation letter, but the letter will not impact the application review.

Will the recommendation letter improve my application review?

No, the recommendation letter is not required and will not impact the application status.

Should I translate the stamp on the transcript or recommendation letter?

No, it is not required to translate the stamp on documents.

Can international students studying in Russia apply to the YEAR program?

No, only Russian citizens are eligible to participate in the YEAR program.

Do I have to confirm the translation of transcripts by a lawyer or notary office?

Candidates are not required to authenticate the translation of transcripts at a notary office or by a lawyer. Translation of transcripts can be confirmed by a translation office or with a stamp of the university/faculty.

Can distance learning students (студенты заочной формы обучения) apply for the YEAR progam?

Yes, both classroom learning and distance learning students are eligible to apply and participate in the YEAR program.

Should I submit the high school certificate if I am a second year university student in Russia?

No, second year students will upload the university transcript. Only first year students will upload the high school certificate with grades.

Can previous Work and Travel participants apply for the YEAR program?

Yes, former Work and Travel participants can apply for the YEAR program if they returned to Russia after completion of the W&T program.

Should I translate in English my certificates and awards?

No, you may upload certificates in Russian and include information about awards, certificates, scholarship in the resume. No need to translate Russian certificates in English.